Friday, December 1 and Saturday, December 2, 2023


Tsukuba International Congress Center

When we talk about improving internationality and interdisciplinarity in our graduate schools, we often discuss the creation of English-language programs that accept international students and the creation of interdisciplinary graduate schools, such as medicine and engineering. We believe it is important for all classroom and laboratory activities to be internationally viable and for the graduate school system to enable all students to choose any combination of interdisciplinary studies, which we call "normalization of internationality and interdisciplinarity. We hope that this forum will provide an opportunity for international and Japanese students, as well as students from different academic disciplines, to talk together and envision the future of the graduate school.


Pre-registration is required to attend the “Forum for Graduate School Educational Reform 2023”.
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Reception period | 2023.08.21 ~ 2023.11.28